Mod of the State


A few folks have been asking about mods. Which ones we endorse, which ones are part of our pack. Darn near all of them are mentioned HERE. While some think we might be “mod happy”, the one thing we’re not doing is limiting ourselves. The upper management continues to try mods that catch our eye; if they impress (which a great many do not), and we can think fun ways they can increase the quality of the narratives we tell, we bring them on full time. Take a look at this below. It’s not a mod, but a script; hopefully a little easier to roll into our missions. So, what now? Well, were still out there looking; and we’ll keep you up to date on what comes next. We can say that we’re looking at two new, quality, mods.


2014-02-18_00005This is one we’re just about ready to adopt full-time. Why, it adds more flavor to the game in general. CSTAT troops look very like AAF and NATO; they have plate-carriers, and helmets and shiny new guns.

Take a look at it over HERE. The biggest advantage is it offers us new depth to the stories we tell by giving us access to new aggressors with interesting new silhouettes and colors.

The Nimitz

2014-02-18_00004We just played on the A3MP map “Utes” today and it has a carrier. Now imagine the ability to actually place them where we need them, imagine making a mission around taking one out. We’ll be installing THIS in the next few hours and seeing how compatible it is with MCC. If nothing else it gives us a great, literal, base to launch our Operations from.

I have to say the Nimitz looks great from a distance. Big, modern, and imposing. It’s even not too bad on the deck. It quickly starts to fall apart if you stare at it too hard. To this end I can say it is not up to the level of quality I would desire for us to adopt this mod. Also the shortcomings of this mod, have piqued my interest in learning how to export assets from 3dsMax to Arma3. If you didn’t know I have a background in Video Game Art and Design, and would love to make, and import, some buildings for us to play around in.

In Closing

As Arma continues to grow, so does the fan-base and those who have the ambition to make the game even better. It’ll be up to us to decide, as a group, what mods we adopt. It is what will set this clan apart from others, the flavor and variety we have assembled. As you come across mod on ARMAHOLIC that seem “interesting”, let us know. Be ready to communicate why it drew your attention, the value you feel it offers us as a clan, and the sort of scenarios you see it allowing us to engage in. Feel free to speak up below, or join the discussion in our Community (to the right).

The Meat of a Mission


In our Last Article we touched on, what we feel, is the difference between a Mission and an Operation. While MCC has the cool “Mission Generation Wizard”, I feel it lacks the panache of taking the extra moment to come up with a quick story-seed and give your units the direction of why they are about to embark on what will no doubt end in their peril.

It’d be easy to stop and just distill that down to: go here, do this, get the thing, kill that; but I feel it’s more poignant to be able to give titles and meaning to some of these objectives, so we’re all on the same page. As such I’ve taken some time to quantify those elements here.

The best part of these is that they are fairly insulated. If you want something even more unique, mix these spices together to make a meal of murder-and-mayhem.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to other variants you feel I can add, let me know in the comments below.

Rabbit Chase

2014-02-04_00006Your unit is out manned, out gunned, and on the run. If only you could get to The Place; you are sure if you could make it there alive the enemy will either lose sight of you, or, you have some force-multipliers stashed there that will help you turn the tables in your favor.

Common Twists:

  • When you get there you find there is a small force waiting for you.
  • The things you were looking for are not there, but have been moved and are nearby.
  • The place is secured, but you must disable the traps first.

Old News

The Bad Guys have done something bad (killed a dictator, stolen a McGuffin, kicked a puppy). You’re just now hearing about it, but they are still in the area; if you act now, you can still do something about it.

Common Twists:

  • The bad guys are actually associated with your side.
  • The bad guys are using your vehicles.
  • The bad guys know you are coming and this was a ploy to lure you in.

You’ve Got: Blackmail

2013-11-18_00001On one of your last missions, you did something bad. This normally involves killing a civilian, blowing up a house, accidentally mowing down the local goat population… Regardless, a local has some intel he can hang over your head. You need to go in and neutralize him and/or get the intel.

Common Twists:

  • The bad thing was what you thought was a good thing, last mission, but turns out it was for a bad man.
  • You’ve caught wind that another group is being blackmailed and you might be able to convince them to help you.
  • The whole thing is a ploy to catch you dishonoring yourself even further.

Get in, Get out

This one is straight forward. There is a thing your unit needs. You are to get in, get the thing, and get out. This one is about stealth; if things go off the rails, it becomes about speed.

Common Twists:

  • The goal here is not to get a thing, but destroy a thing.
  • The objective is about disrupting a process.
  • The goal is about taking out just one target.
  • As you arrive, the McGuffin is on the move.
  • The Thing is information, and you must get somewhere to broadcast it afterwards.

Capture and Hold

SofiaPetrolThere is a place, that if you could just get there, would be a strategic location/asset to the future of your unit’s operations.

Common Twists:

  • The place is already filled with bad guys.
  • The bad guys will arrive shortly after you take hold of it.
  • You have to hold the spot until reinforcements can arrive.
  • The target area is in a civilian population center and you must be extra careful.

Bug Hunt

There is an area where you know the bad guys are. It’s probably not a small area. Your orders are to sweep the area and be sure you’ve eradicated every last one of them.

Common Twists:

  • Until they are all dealt with, they will keep calling reinforcements.
  • There is a secret way to get the enemy to clear out.
  • The reports left out some important information and they enemy is laying in ambush.

Previously, on LOST

2013-11-09_00004With no maps or compass, the unit is lost and must find their way to a friendly area for extraction.

Common Twists:

  • They are surrounded by enemies.
  • They must sit tight while rescuers look for them.
  • It’s night, and/or the weather is bad, and this makes things harder.
  • Your unit must go to several locations and gather materials to repair the thing that will let you leave.

Protect the Princess

There is a person (or object) that needs to be taken to a safe place. It’s your job to travel from point A to B while protecting her. You know the way forward is treacherous, and many others will be trying to stop you.

Common Twists:

  • The Princess is troublesome and prone to running off.
  • The destination has been destroyed or is infested with the enemy.
  • The unit must protect the Princess without her knowing.

Rescue Rangers

2013-11-23_00014This isn’t quite the same as Protect the Princess as you don’t have her in your custody yet. In this scenario you are given orders, or hear a distress signal. It’s your job to go into the are and protect/rescue the unit in question.

Common Twists:

  • The victims are hostages.
  • The Rescue is more complicated than it seems and reinforcements or force multipliers are needed.
  • The thing that needs to be rescued is a classified piece of tech on a vehicle.

The Orchid

The unit is on patrol when they stumble across a hidden enemy base full of bad guys; bad guys who expect to be reinforced by even more big-bads. It’s not your job to engage them its your job to fall back and alert friendly forces to the threat.

Common Twists:

  • No help is coming and it’s up to you to sabotage the place before enemy reinforcements arrive.
  • You are told that help is on the way, but you’ve seen things you weren’t supposed to and your help is your doom!
  • You are able to exfiltrate, but are being chased as you do.

Look With Your Eyes

2013-11-23_00019Your Job is Purely Surveillance. You are Spying on a person, an asset, or even an enemy platoon. It might be your job to go to Sector X and report back what you see there. Regardless of what you find, your job, is only to watch: to observe and report. You are not to make contact with the locals, you are not to be spotted.

Common Twists:

  • You get spotted, and have to deal with the shit-storm that follows.

Run Piggy Run

A person or asset has gotten away, gotten lost, or maybe they haven’t checked in for awhile. It’s your job to find them.

Common Twists:

  • The target isn’t lost, but was kidnapped.

The Cat in the Hat

2013-11-23_00016While command is elsewhere, you are assigned to a spot, and told to patrol the area and protect it. You are given the liberty to devise a plan to defend it, as well as set up barriers and and trap.

Common Twists:

  • You get a tip you’ll be attacked.
  • You have no intel.
  • You have limited resources.
  • You find something, in the place you are supposed to protect, that complicated everything.


By boat or by air, you are transported far from home. What’s worse is you aren’t sure where you are; but it’s not where you planned to be. You must figure out where you are and how to get somewhere else to get new orders or finish out the mission.

Common Twists:

  • While you are getting your bearings you step into a  conflict separate from your intended objective.
  • What you thought was an accident, becomes a conspiracy, and you were dropped off course on purpose.

Fish in a Barrel

2013-11-23_00018The bad guys are getting ready to do more bad things, but you somehow know about it before they can. While the baddies have their pants down, you have a chance to get to high ground, circle them, or deal a preemptive strike.  You have a superior force and numbers. Strike fast and true.

Common Twists:

  • The tip-off was meant to lure the unit to its doom.

The Droids we are Looking For

There is an object that must be attained. This thing is the key to turning the tide and bringing a satisfactory end to a larger conflict. The unit must track it down and acquire it for their faction.

Common Twists:

  • The Thing is part of a larger whole.
  • Someone else already has it in their possession, and they probably don’t want to part with it.
  • The Thing is information, or a substance.
  • The thing is not where you thought it would be.
  • You need a guide to find the thing, but he leads you on a wild goat chase.

The Gulag

2013-12-23_00002The Players are imprisoned, they must find a way to escape, overcome their captors, and get to safety. This can quickly become Previously on Lost  or B.F.E. as well.

Common Twists:

  • Something has happened outside, and the security is diverted elsewhere.
  • The Players are on a timer, if they don’t get out in a hurry, the force coming after them will be multiplied.
  • The unit is on the outside trying to break a friendly out.

Midnight Train to Georgia

Your convoy is headed somewhere dropping off vital supplies (troops, medicine, ammo, a VIP) when it is attacked.

Common Twists:

  • The hijackers don’t realize your convoy is an overwhelming force.
  • Two different factions are trying to hit you at once and must fight over the right to take your stuff.
  • The ambush happens in a major population center.
  • Your unit is doing the attacking.

2014-02-01_00022It’s been a month since our split. Things are going strong, we have our own Teamspeak again and we are playing Arma, casually, near nightly. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a serious “Operation”, and we are wanting to change that.

The last Op we did saw us on Altis, running from OpFor, and establishing our new base. While I’ll get to the Mods we’ve adopted further down this post, one of them allows us access to the maps from Arma2. I look forward to this as a Storyteller as it allows us a chance to jump back into the role of NATO and tell “Flashback” stories. Missions from before the time we were defeated at Sofia, and disowned by NATO.

On a personal note, this time next week, I will have a new rig. This is pertinent as I’d like to see more of us recording our play-sessions. This is not a guilt trip; if you can’t do it, that’s fine. But, if have the hardware to handle it, we’d like for our clan to build up the footage. This would help create a sense of nostalgia as we look back on our events, as well as give outsiders a sense of who we are and how we play.

Which, in itself is a pertinent topic. I’ve been fairly active on the BIS forums as far as submitting bug features for things like MCC. I am considering putting up a want-ad there as well and beginning active recruitment. I know the concept makes folks nervous; and I empathize. Keep in mind, when we recruit we are looking for good, fun-loving, folks who can play the game and have a good time. Folks who have a sense of humor, but can be serious when they need to be. We aren’t looking for Bros who are “good” at Arma3. Hell, I’d wager many of us could stand to be “better” at the game; we want to increase our ranks, field more folks during each missions, and add them to our Gaming Family.

On Curriculum

2014-02-08_00005I also want to take a moment to talk about Curriculum. We have access to the Dslyecxi Guide, as well as veterans like Duff and McCraic. While we haven’t made it a priority, we want to make it a point to make our week-night sessions more focused. Not just about running a Mission and dying, but actually “practicing” a skill set, and measuring individual aptitude. In this way we can semi-officially offer Certifications for several different topics.

Let’s get on the same page with our terminology. When we speak of Missions, we’re talking about casual things we do during the week (things that are not SCIENCE). While there will be serious moments to these, the intended outcome is high-adrenaline, and fun with friends. Operations, which are the story-driven actives we do on the weekends, are scheduled events, and are meant to be much more serious. They will be a little harder, more challenging, and hopefully more memorable. These are patterned after Jester’s Ranger Op Videos, in that they are meant to be a challenge; and in such when we fall in for role assignment we want to consider a Player’s certs and aptitudes.

Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you are pigeonholed into a role all the time. But as of right now, I have, in my head, folks who I know are good a certain jobs. They are going to get picked over others (during Operations) because I have a high-degree of faith that they can get those jobs done. If, in the week, someone wants to try their hand at something new, that’s the time to do it, and we can curtail a Mission, and training to the skill set they want to increase.

Mod And Scripts

2014-01-26_00002If you’re not part of our nightly play, you may not know that we use a Mission/Tool called MCC to dynamically create live Missions. We are active in testing MCC and reporting bugs and helping its creator (Shay_Gman) make it the best darn tool for mission creation there is. We want to see it succeed and become the gold-standard for Clan play.

That said, thanks to Joseph, we’ve forked it. With each build we unpack it and roll it back up with our own content. This means we get our own Squad/Team list in the lobby, Spawn points are now flags instead of invisible bubbles, and we’ve packed it with our own scripts as well.

Wounding Scripts

2014-02-08_00001We are still testing this system, but we have torn out the pre-packaged version of BTC-Revive, and are now using a wounding script known as Psycho Wounding. This is much more dynamic as you can take more hits, the hit locations matter, and when you become “severely wounded”, you fall to the ground. At that point you are out of the fight, but can writh around in pain, and even, slowly, crawl to safety. If you are bold or dumb enough you can even raise your gun and attempt to get a very-shaky revenge kill.

Friends who come to revive you can patch you up, it’s not instant and requires they risk their own neck while they watch a progress bar. They can even drag and/or carry you to safety. If they can’t get to you in time you’ll “bleed out” and be dead; at which point you need to sit at base and wait for further orders.

Our Mod Pack

We have a pack of mods we have rolled together for clan consumption as Mods add to depth of what we can experience in Arma3. This pack is lightweight and mostly includes the thing you’ll need to play with us. A few of them are large enough that we don’t want to try and maintain them as part of our pack. We’ll mention those below, give you links, and also talk about the mods that are in the pack.

You can get our pack HERE.

Task Force Radio

2014-02-09_00003If we could have no other mod, this is the one we’d keep. This mod ties into Teamspeak (the tool we use on a daily basis to keep in touch with our clan even when we aren’t playing Arma).

When the plugin is activated and you’re in Arma, it adds radio functionality to the game, as well as proximity based voice chat. You can walk up on a fire team and hear them talking amongst themselves. If you have the same radio as them and know what channel they’re on you can hail them over a distance of 2 clicks. The mod also adds long-range radio packs. Like the smaller radios, these all share an encryption key (per military). The long range radios allow Fire-team leaders, to talk to each-other. Vehicles of the specific factions are automatically mounted with these long range radios as well.

Over all this one mod adds a layer of communications-discipline we simply didn’t have before, as well as making the game feel more authentic and immersive.


2014-02-01_00016You can check out TMR HERE, though, because if its size, we’ve rolled it into our pack. TMR adds lots of little features that make the game just a little more “real”. The most basic function we use constantly is the ability to rest your weapons on ledges or the ground to lock it down and make it more stable.


2014-02-01_00019The ShackTacticalHud is the developed by the same experts that created the Tactical Guide we mentioned above. This allows you access to a compass on your hud that also shows you how close you are to those Players that are in your Fire-Team. It also allows for color-coordination of buddy-teams, and shows you if you are too bunched up. Lastly, it coincidentally works well with Task Force Radio, as the rings correspond to the different voice levels you can choose: whispering, normal, or yelling.

You can get it HERE, but it’s also part of our Mod Pack.


This mod is required to play on our servers; and is largest mod we’ve adopted (clocking in at about 5gigs). This pack has a severely inclusive licence, granted by Bohemia, and allows us to play on the beautiful Arma2 maps in Arma3. You can check out more about it HERE. Because this mod is so large, we don’t include it in our pack. Here are a few screenshots we’ve taken during play on these maps.


1We’ve tested this locally during some Missions and are really loving the F18. We are going to adopt this as it is a much better plane than the default the AAF start with, and gives NATO their own plane. The same mod-maker makes a slightly different plane for CSAT, and we may adopt it in time as well. If nothing else, even stripped of all weapons, it is a much more stable and versatile reconnaissance platform than the unsteady camera mounted on the vanilla UAV.

As of this writing, this mod is not currently in our pack, but we are going to be rolling it in soon. You can get it HERE.

NATO/Spetznas Weapon Pack

Were still on the fence on whether we’re going to keep this one, and it’s just large enough that we won’t be rolling it into our Modpack. It does, however, feature a metric butt-ton of new weapons based on their real-world counterparts. We find these weapons also have a slightly better damage output. While some of us think they might be cheating; others want us to have any edge was can against the terminators that are the AI. You can get this pack HERE.

Closing Thanks

2014-02-01_00017I want to extend a huge thanks to those of you who give use hours of your life to come and play with us. I also want to thank those of you who see a value in the fun we provide by hitting that gold button on this site and donating, your contributions allow us to keep the lights on and keep fighting month-to-month.

Joseph also deserves a public and personal thank you. He works hard to maintain our modpacks, our forked version of MCC, and rewrite other scripter’s sloppy code so we can have a stable platform to support our play. The past few days have been difficult on our play as some things just have not worked right. Rest assured when they work, it’ll be because Joseph took the time to make them work. Thank you.

A Short Lived Alliance


When I write things like this, I try and do so as unbiased as possible. I will freely admit that is difficult as feelings are still raw. I don’t have the option of waiting for the dust to settle on this issue; as our clan members need to hear this as soon as possible, so they know what is going on.

We were given “affordable” servers over on FibreServers. This included 2 Arma Servers, a Starbound Server, and a Minecraft server. We decided to forego a Teamspeak, as we merged with their Teamspeak. You can read all about that HERE.

Despite the best of intentions, this alliance was fraught with a great many technical difficulties. For a time we looked the other way as we understood that FibreServers is a relatively young company, and still in the process of learning their how to do these sorts of things on a large scale.

I can go back and list a litany of amateurish technical problems that we have had. Towards the end, little technical difficulties that we might have looked the other way on became big deals as they began to compound with greater frequency. Our Arma servers didn’t work for a long time, and then when they did they were up for just a couple days before Bohemia put out an update that perplexed the FibreServers. Our Minecraft server never ran right, as it would not accept our map migration, and refused to run on the proper amount of ram allotted to it via the command line.

Keep in mind, we always chose to hedge our bets and not put our eggs in one basket. As such we never fully pulled out of CreeperHost or ViLayer. While we still pay more to be aligned with them, their customer service has always been top notch, and we have never had any downtime on ViLayer. I know Luke over at CreeperHost counts us among his most cherished customers.

A couple days ago, on Teamspeak, we got to talking about Minecraft Mods. Figuring they would fix the command-line problem eventually I started looking into what it would take to get mods running on our FibreServer. We noticed we had no access to our JAR file, and I found this to be a bit odd. Keep in mind we have had Minecraft servers with HostedGameServers and still do with CreeperHost. So it was a bit odd that FibreServers would choose to do things differently.

When I asked about this I was told they would have to inspect each JAR personally to make sure it was virus free. Now, that may be how they choose to do things, but having had experience with other companies I knew this was not the way they had to operate. Also, I understand the need for security, but I began to question how it is that these other companies shield themselves, while letting their customers have free reign of the server-space they have been given.

In MeatSpace I own my own business: it is focused around brand creation and marketing. So I made the suggestion that Fibreserver at least look into how/why their competition does certain things and they try to learn from that. I normally wouldn’t say anything of the sort, but you have to remember we had an alliance, and it was my agenda to see FibreServers be the best damn company they could be.

In the middle of playing Minecraft. Our services were cut off, all servers deleted, and our account closed. It was fortuitous that we had backed up the day before, but still lost a ton of work. Moments later I was contacted by the owner (LazyBrit) via Text on Teamspeak. I found this most troubling, as text does not convey tone of voice or intent; which is also how he let his own demons convince him that my support tickets were an attack against him; when I really was inquiring as to WHY they have made the poor choice as to do things they way they have. When presented with the option to have an actual, adult, conversation with us (seeing that he could have pulled me aside and we could have talked with our voices) he instead chose to hide behind text and work himself up into a rage.

Below is the log of support tickets starting with me, and alternating to him (the owner, LazyBrit).

The File Manager does not seems to allow us access to our own JAR file. As such we cannot install any mods or even Bukkit.

Please Investigate.


You will need to give me (LazyBrit) the file to check and upload, jar files can contain viruses and can take our servers down in minutes so you will have to request for one to be uploaded by us.


It saddens me to hear that. I am not sure how our other provider (CreeperHost) allowed us to have full reign of our files, but they do, we can run from the JAR, pack it with whatever mods we like, and even have the options we send from the command line actually be run by the server.

We’re backing up our files now. We’ll move them over to Creeper Host.

Thank you for looking into the issue. I just wish your setup allowed you to have at least the same, if not better, flexibility than your competition.

Be well.


Ok thanks, i will remove your free servers.

Reading this, I can sort of understand how he felt accosted. But the truth is, he chose to escalate things to deleting ALL our services without notice. It would have been one thing if he had removed our Minecraft server (since I had said our Minecraft was going to remain over at CreeperHost), but he chose to run us out. In less that 15 min we lost everything we had, and were back to our old TeamSpeak, re-installing it and clearing out the cobwebs: Here is the log of our final Teamspeak conversation.


The log speaks for itself. Feeling as though I had attacked him personally, LazyBrit took it upon himself to dissolve our relationship; hiding behind numbers. I don’t know if he has 2000 customers, and he has no way to prove if they are indeed happy. I do know that while the value of the services we were offered was nowhere near $100 (now that we are paying for these services on other hosts we don’t pay much more than $40), and the cost to his infrastructure was mere “pennies” a day. It would have been no sweat of our backs to let this issue lie, and let cooler head prevail. But he chose to, in a manner of moments, dissolve our arrangement.

This hotheadedness is indicative of a larger megalomania. If there is a silver lining it is that this issue presented itself in a tumultuous time when we were questioning the solidarity of the alliance anyway.  In this way he forced our hand, and I can feel better knowing we did all we could to hold onto the alliance that Doc graciously forged for us. It was preferable to learn their leader has these tendencies now, rather than later: perhaps in a time when things were running smoothly.

As in the world of Entrepreneurs, I understand the benefit of strategic alliance; true also is the adage that we tend to ally with people that we “Know, Like, and Trust”. Where I was once willing to recruit for FibreServers and send customers their way. I will now be going out of my way to let the Arma, Starbound, and Minecraft communities, know of how we were treated and to stay away from this place. There are many more, quality, server companies to choose from. CreeperHost for Starbound and Minecraft. ViLayer for many more gaming endeavors.

At the end of the day, we have learned a valuable lessons from this. It was also wise of us to have not canceled our other services.

With the release of a mega patch for StarBound imminent, and LampPost’s rediscovery of StarForge, we are not going to be short on GamePlay in the coming weeks.

As for the mansion we were working on, I am going to try and get a local server running Bukkit going so we can make up for the progress we lost.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Stay Frosty.

Prepare to be Starbound


It’s lazy to describe a thing by just saying it’s like another thing but different. As such it’d be easy to say that Starbound is a reskinning of Terraria, afterall some of the same folks who worked on the later are helping to make the former Great. This is all well and good, but many of you may not have heard of Terraria. I own it and I’ve never even played it; after all, I got it during a Steam sale for pennies.

So what is StarBound? It’s a sidescroller. It’s set in “space”, and it it will see you gathering resources and  building your own bases (both high and low tech) in an effort to survive, trade, fight, and make contact with other aliens. Here is a bit taken from their About page.

In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you’ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe.

You’ll encounter procedurally generated creatures and weapons, discover populated villages and abandoned temples. Explore planets dotted with dungeons, eyeball trees and treasure. Make use of over a hundred materials and over one thousand in-game objects to build a sprawling modern metropolis or a sleepy secluded cabin in the woods, and do all of it alone or with friends!

Starbound lets you live out your own story of space exploration, discovery and adventure. Settle down and farm the land, hop from planet to planet claiming resources, or make regular visits to populated settlements, taking on jobs and earning a living. NPCs are scattered about the worlds, offering quests and challenges for those looking for a little extra excitement in their lives.

In Starbound you get to travel to near-infinite worlds, since they are procedurally-generated. Rather than needing to know a “seed” like in Minecraft. Each world will be embedded in a System, that is part of a Cluster, that is a coordinate on a huge Star Map. If you find a cool planet you can write down the coordinate and, if you aren’t playing with them already, share them with your friends so they can go their in their own games.

This sounds like the kind of stuff we were trying to on our Minecraft server. Are you bored, or want to go away for an afternoon with your companion? Hop a shuttle and go off-world. Want to come back and spin some fat beats or have an alien orchestra with your friends while sipping Andorian Ale? Just land at the Space Station you and your Clan-Mates built in the upper atmosphere of Omicron Persei 8. I haven’t seen an in-game music system this robust since Lord of the Rings Online.

You have a persistent Character, whose backstory divergent from their species’ the moment you create them. You get to choose your species, gender, hair color, style, and clothing from the outset. Couple all this with the fact that the art style is not dissimilar to Adventure Time, and I am sold.

Starbound is on sale now, and the money you spend on it goes into their pool to help them make the game every better over time. They’ve raised over 2 million already, and I am sure that is about to spike. I purchased a 4 Pack (as it’s buy 3 get one free) and may purchase another so I can give out keys to some of our less fortunate Dogs. Starbout is about to get even more community recognition as the game goes into Beta December 4th.

Head on over to their site and their FAQ page to learn more about the beta; and stay tuned to our site for more news and info about the game. We’ll post the address where you can find it, as soon as we have a server running it; so we can enjoy it together, as a Clan. If you are interested in their progress you can always follow their Roadmap as well.


It’s finally here. With your support we’ve been able to spend cycles on rebuilding the site on a framework we can all use. By having things setup on WordPress we will allow clan-mates the opportunity to write articles and news about the games we are all passionate about.

Thank you again for your financial, and moral support during the transition. In time, and soon, we’ll get more content added. In the meantime we hope to see you on our servers for Arma3, Minecraft, or Teamspeak.