This is a post to let you know where we’re at right now, and what that means for you. This is brought on by there being some real changes that are affecting our Clan in a positive way; plans set in motion since before Christmas, thanks to Doc.

2014-01-02_00001Doc came to me with a proposal. I heard him out, and seeing he could actual deliver, we have struck an alliance with another clan. I’ve been approached in the past by other clan-heads with the possibility of merging with them. Quickly my bullshit detector has gone off and I realize they have nefarious intent. No so with these guys.

What do we get? We get very affordable hosting. Brand new Minecraft, Starbound, and two Arma servers. We are looking into getting Space Engineer servers as soon as multiplayer goes live, and even 7DaysToDie when it matures more.

2013-04-06_00003This is all possible thanks to Doc (and his gracious boss Dan) and the clan “Company of Good Gamers”. CoGG owns the server hosting company We are going to grant them some ad-space on our site here and generally say nice things about them all while helping them recruit.

There is little-to-no risk on our part in this venture. We get to maintain our name, our identity, and our website. We have joined their TeamSpeak (server address changing in the sidebar to the right after this posting). We have already had a special place on their server carved out for us; this allows us to recruit from their pool and bring them up to our level. We have essentially been granted the pomp and powers of the emperor’s elite guard. We are after all the Dogs of the State.

2013-12-06_00002There is no obligation to mingle with CoGG, but why wouldn’t we; we’re not in the habit of being dicks, and the guys I’ve met so far are mature, irreverent, and as fun as any in our lot. They need us to help inflate their ranks and generally go forth and recruit for them. Keep in mind that they fully expect us to recruit all sorts for them and then poach the finest of the recruits into the Elite Guard that is the Dogs. In this way, we get to maintain our strength and odd recruitment standards. Not just anyone gets a “Dogs” tattoo. It must be earned.

As far as the servers go, they are already up and running. We need to migrate the Minecraft and Arma files (soon), and we are waiting to give out the Starbound info until the next, looming patch hits (the one that should make it so we never have another character wipe again).

2013-10-14_00001Since we’ve mentioned recruiting, we do intend to back into the habit of that; I mostly see us reaching out to others via G+, and Reddit. It is our hope that we can once again begin panning for quality folks who need a home to belong to. To make this process a little easier, in the next couple weeks, I intend to do a write-up for each of our games and what we expect of a player who joins us looking to play them. While we will have some Clan wide rules, each game we play has different qualities and may have different policies as a result.

2011-08-06_00001I want to give a warm thank you to those of you who see value in what we do and take the time to donate to the community. While some of our services have gotten cheaper, I would still ask that you have a giving heart and toss a buck or two towards the Kitty as you find value in the time you spend with us. We have moderators and admins that work hard to maintain what we have. Sometimes we buys cheap/fun games in bulk and give copies out to those who were really looking forward to playing them. The kitty is there for us to pay to keep the lights on and act as a rainy day fund. I know Baker has said when he wins the lottery we are all moving to a compound where we can play games 24/7. Hell, if the laws of reality would allow it, I would save up and at least have a transcontinental pizza-party for us all (save for Chennie doesn’t like pizza, but she can have grumpy fish). Rest assured we’ve never considered this a money-making venture. We’re out to build relationships, not get rich playing games. It means a lot to me that so many of you hit that gold button and show your appreciation, often.

2013-12-23_00004Near to last is the website, we intend to integrate contact forms into the website that allow recruits to place their applications through the site, so that we don’t have to exist in a place where other server admins can ever again shut us down because they don’t agree with our policies.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. There are a handful of games on the horizon we are looking forward to playing; more-over, I am looking forward to this merger infusing new blood into the pool, while allowing us maintain the secret-sauce that has made us great so far.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for playing with us; and look forward to some server address changes in the coming hours and days. Those micro-transmissions will go out via the G+ community.

Be well, and Stay Frosty.