On Training and Arma 3


It bums me out that sometimes being in a Clan means breathing your own farts. This means getting high on our own fumes by setting rules, regulations, and boundaries. This is all in an attempt to form and maintain a disciplined and mature collection of adults who (after all that) can then come together and …Continue Reading


Tonight was enlightening. We started out humbly, with little to no gear. “Miller” let on that we could do well by partnering with a local Kingpin who’s goals were aligned with our own. He seemed more like a slumlord, but had nice toys. He told us there was a dock nearby that was controlled by …Continue Reading


2035 sees us in a darker time. In the conflicts of our forefathers, men and governments were assumed to fight with honor. That is no longer the case. Operation Charred Iron was a quagmire. Good men should never have been sent in. Upon further review it would have made more sense to run the mission …Continue Reading

Operation: Charred Iron


/// MEMORANDUM FOR THE DOGS OF THE STATE /// Our Ghosts in the West have filed a report highlighting OpFor’s dwindling resources. One of your last missions saw you liberating the town of Sofia. While you considered this training, this was a pivotal step to destabilizing the region. This play was not without blowback, however, …Continue Reading


As a Clan we’ve been talking about this. Not only do we need to learn how to move as a unit and maintain a squad marching order, but we need better discipline at close quarters. This is about how to properly stack on a door, pie it, clear a room, or even when you should (and …Continue Reading

Dslyecxi Writes a Book!


Dslyecxi is considered one of the Greybeards of Arma. His clan is large and they are always pressing them selves to be better. Their videos provide hours of tactical knowledge as well as mirthful entertainment. Embedded below is a video detailing a guide that he has made in conjunction with Bohemia. We will be perusing …Continue Reading