The gaming clan, “Dogs of the State”, has existed since late 2005. In the beginning our primary focus was having a hub where we could coordinate people and in-game resources around the various MMOs we were interested in. While we have, and will continue to, try all the various MMOs that permeate the game-space, our focus now is on games we can control the content of while playing cooperatively.

It is our philosophy the multiplayer games are genuinely “better” than single-player; in that the same activities you’d find in the later can be experienced with friends and clan-mates. It’s in this way that moments arise: vignettes that permeate our memories deeper than a scripted cutscene ever could. Here at Dogs of the State, we consider those “shared experiences” part of our special sauce. By joining together in “Sandbox” style games, we are ensuring we are creating a collective of stories we will tell other for years to come.

The Dogs are a mature and multicultural pack. 90% of our water-brothers are over the age of 20; and while the majority of them reside in the United States, we have agents in Sweden, German, Colombia, the UK, Australia, and Brazil. We take a “Military Minded” approach to our games. This embodies itself in the respect the we have for our veterans and the fact that (by coincidence) many of our members have served in their country’s armed-forces for a time.

While we are pride ourselves on our discipline and maturity, this does not mean we don’t know how to have fun, or that we limit the scope of the games we are willing to try. Several of our members are artists, coders, writers and/or game-philosophers. If it’s been made (and has decent multiplayer) we’re willing to give it a go. In this way we’ve even begun to partner with independent companies to aid them in early beta tests of their products. In staying up to date on the latest in gaming news, and coordinating with the community, we ensure we make certain our finger on the pulse of what is coming down the pipe.

On our site we’ve listed the games we’re currently into. To do so here would date this page, as we’re always looking to expand our horizons.  In building a community around the games we love, we are poised to ensure that we build lasting relationships that transcend whatever game happens to be the “flavor of the month”.