In our Last Article we touched on, what we feel, is the difference between a Mission and an Operation. While MCC has the cool “Mission Generation Wizard”, I feel it lacks the panache of taking the extra moment to come up with a quick story-seed and give your units the direction of why they are about to embark on what will no doubt end in their peril.

It’d be easy to stop and just distill that down to: go here, do this, get the thing, kill that; but I feel it’s more poignant to be able to give titles and meaning to some of these objectives, so we’re all on the same page. As such I’ve taken some time to quantify those elements here.

The best part of these is that they are fairly insulated. If you want something even more unique, mix these spices together to make a meal of murder-and-mayhem.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to other variants you feel I can add, let me know in the comments below.

Rabbit Chase

2014-02-04_00006Your unit is out manned, out gunned, and on the run. If only you could get to The Place; you are sure if you could make it there alive the enemy will either lose sight of you, or, you have some force-multipliers stashed there that will help you turn the tables in your favor.

Common Twists:

  • When you get there you find there is a small force waiting for you.
  • The things you were looking for are not there, but have been moved and are nearby.
  • The place is secured, but you must disable the traps first.

Old News

The Bad Guys have done something bad (killed a dictator, stolen a McGuffin, kicked a puppy). You’re just now hearing about it, but they are still in the area; if you act now, you can still do something about it.

Common Twists:

  • The bad guys are actually associated with your side.
  • The bad guys are using your vehicles.
  • The bad guys know you are coming and this was a ploy to lure you in.

You’ve Got: Blackmail

2013-11-18_00001On one of your last missions, you did something bad. This normally involves killing a civilian, blowing up a house, accidentally mowing down the local goat population… Regardless, a local has some intel he can hang over your head. You need to go in and neutralize him and/or get the intel.

Common Twists:

  • The bad thing was what you thought was a good thing, last mission, but turns out it was for a bad man.
  • You’ve caught wind that another group is being blackmailed and you might be able to convince them to help you.
  • The whole thing is a ploy to catch you dishonoring yourself even further.

Get in, Get out

This one is straight forward. There is a thing your unit needs. You are to get in, get the thing, and get out. This one is about stealth; if things go off the rails, it becomes about speed.

Common Twists:

  • The goal here is not to get a thing, but destroy a thing.
  • The objective is about disrupting a process.
  • The goal is about taking out just one target.
  • As you arrive, the McGuffin is on the move.
  • The Thing is information, and you must get somewhere to broadcast it afterwards.

Capture and Hold

SofiaPetrolThere is a place, that if you could just get there, would be a strategic location/asset to the future of your unit’s operations.

Common Twists:

  • The place is already filled with bad guys.
  • The bad guys will arrive shortly after you take hold of it.
  • You have to hold the spot until reinforcements can arrive.
  • The target area is in a civilian population center and you must be extra careful.

Bug Hunt

There is an area where you know the bad guys are. It’s probably not a small area. Your orders are to sweep the area and be sure you’ve eradicated every last one of them.

Common Twists:

  • Until they are all dealt with, they will keep calling reinforcements.
  • There is a secret way to get the enemy to clear out.
  • The reports left out some important information and they enemy is laying in ambush.

Previously, on LOST

2013-11-09_00004With no maps or compass, the unit is lost and must find their way to a friendly area for extraction.

Common Twists:

  • They are surrounded by enemies.
  • They must sit tight while rescuers look for them.
  • It’s night, and/or the weather is bad, and this makes things harder.
  • Your unit must go to several locations and gather materials to repair the thing that will let you leave.

Protect the Princess

There is a person (or object) that needs to be taken to a safe place. It’s your job to travel from point A to B while protecting her. You know the way forward is treacherous, and many others will be trying to stop you.

Common Twists:

  • The Princess is troublesome and prone to running off.
  • The destination has been destroyed or is infested with the enemy.
  • The unit must protect the Princess without her knowing.

Rescue Rangers

2013-11-23_00014This isn’t quite the same as Protect the Princess as you don’t have her in your custody yet. In this scenario you are given orders, or hear a distress signal. It’s your job to go into the are and protect/rescue the unit in question.

Common Twists:

  • The victims are hostages.
  • The Rescue is more complicated than it seems and reinforcements or force multipliers are needed.
  • The thing that needs to be rescued is a classified piece of tech on a vehicle.

The Orchid

The unit is on patrol when they stumble across a hidden enemy base full of bad guys; bad guys who expect to be reinforced by even more big-bads. It’s not your job to engage them its your job to fall back and alert friendly forces to the threat.

Common Twists:

  • No help is coming and it’s up to you to sabotage the place before enemy reinforcements arrive.
  • You are told that help is on the way, but you’ve seen things you weren’t supposed to and your help is your doom!
  • You are able to exfiltrate, but are being chased as you do.

Look With Your Eyes

2013-11-23_00019Your Job is Purely Surveillance. You are Spying on a person, an asset, or even an enemy platoon. It might be your job to go to Sector X and report back what you see there. Regardless of what you find, your job, is only to watch: to observe and report. You are not to make contact with the locals, you are not to be spotted.

Common Twists:

  • You get spotted, and have to deal with the shit-storm that follows.

Run Piggy Run

A person or asset has gotten away, gotten lost, or maybe they haven’t checked in for awhile. It’s your job to find them.

Common Twists:

  • The target isn’t lost, but was kidnapped.

The Cat in the Hat

2013-11-23_00016While command is elsewhere, you are assigned to a spot, and told to patrol the area and protect it. You are given the liberty to devise a plan to defend it, as well as set up barriers and and trap.

Common Twists:

  • You get a tip you’ll be attacked.
  • You have no intel.
  • You have limited resources.
  • You find something, in the place you are supposed to protect, that complicated everything.


By boat or by air, you are transported far from home. What’s worse is you aren’t sure where you are; but it’s not where you planned to be. You must figure out where you are and how to get somewhere else to get new orders or finish out the mission.

Common Twists:

  • While you are getting your bearings you step into a  conflict separate from your intended objective.
  • What you thought was an accident, becomes a conspiracy, and you were dropped off course on purpose.

Fish in a Barrel

2013-11-23_00018The bad guys are getting ready to do more bad things, but you somehow know about it before they can. While the baddies have their pants down, you have a chance to get to high ground, circle them, or deal a preemptive strike.  You have a superior force and numbers. Strike fast and true.

Common Twists:

  • The tip-off was meant to lure the unit to its doom.

The Droids we are Looking For

There is an object that must be attained. This thing is the key to turning the tide and bringing a satisfactory end to a larger conflict. The unit must track it down and acquire it for their faction.

Common Twists:

  • The Thing is part of a larger whole.
  • Someone else already has it in their possession, and they probably don’t want to part with it.
  • The Thing is information, or a substance.
  • The thing is not where you thought it would be.
  • You need a guide to find the thing, but he leads you on a wild goat chase.

The Gulag

2013-12-23_00002The Players are imprisoned, they must find a way to escape, overcome their captors, and get to safety. This can quickly become Previously on Lost  or B.F.E. as well.

Common Twists:

  • Something has happened outside, and the security is diverted elsewhere.
  • The Players are on a timer, if they don’t get out in a hurry, the force coming after them will be multiplied.
  • The unit is on the outside trying to break a friendly out.

Midnight Train to Georgia

Your convoy is headed somewhere dropping off vital supplies (troops, medicine, ammo, a VIP) when it is attacked.

Common Twists:

  • The hijackers don’t realize your convoy is an overwhelming force.
  • Two different factions are trying to hit you at once and must fight over the right to take your stuff.
  • The ambush happens in a major population center.
  • Your unit is doing the attacking.
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