A few folks have been asking about mods. Which ones we endorse, which ones are part of our pack. Darn near all of them are mentioned HERE. While some think we might be “mod happy”, the one thing we’re not doing is limiting ourselves. The upper management continues to try mods that catch our eye; if they impress (which a great many do not), and we can think fun ways they can increase the quality of the narratives we tell, we bring them on full time. Take a look at this below. It’s not a mod, but a script; hopefully a little easier to roll into our missions. So, what now? Well, were still out there looking; and we’ll keep you up to date on what comes next. We can say that we’re looking at two new, quality, mods.


2014-02-18_00005This is one we’re just about ready to adopt full-time. Why, it adds more flavor to the game in general. CSTAT troops look very like AAF and NATO; they have plate-carriers, and helmets and shiny new guns.

Take a look at it over HERE. The biggest advantage is it offers us new depth to the stories we tell by giving us access to new aggressors with interesting new silhouettes and colors.

The Nimitz

2014-02-18_00004We just played on the A3MP map “Utes” today and it has a carrier. Now imagine the ability to actually place them where we need them, imagine making a mission around taking one out. We’ll be installing THIS in the next few hours and seeing how compatible it is with MCC. If nothing else it gives us a great, literal, base to launch our Operations from.

I have to say the Nimitz looks great from a distance. Big, modern, and imposing. It’s even not too bad on the deck. It quickly starts to fall apart if you stare at it too hard. To this end I can say it is not up to the level of quality I would desire for us to adopt this mod. Also the shortcomings of this mod, have piqued my interest in learning how to export assets from 3dsMax to Arma3. If you didn’t know I have a background in Video Game Art and Design, and would love to make, and import, some buildings for us to play around in.

In Closing

As Arma continues to grow, so does the fan-base and those who have the ambition to make the game even better. It’ll be up to us to decide, as a group, what mods we adopt. It is what will set this clan apart from others, the flavor and variety we have assembled. As you come across mod on ARMAHOLIC that seem “interesting”, let us know. Be ready to communicate why it drew your attention, the value you feel it offers us as a clan, and the sort of scenarios you see it allowing us to engage in. Feel free to speak up below, or join the discussion in our Community (to the right).

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