Our Ghosts in the West have filed a report highlighting OpFor’s dwindling resources. One of your last missions saw you liberating the town of Sofia. While you considered this training, this was a pivotal step to destabilizing the region. This play was not without blowback, however, and OpFor is starving for Petrol.

Having exhausted their other supplies, we have it on good authority that OpFor is coming for the Petrol stored under the town of Sofia. They have amassed assets in grid 2019. Your mission is three-fold.

1. Assemble a Recon Team to Halo Drop into the LZ at 218197. From here they will go Radio Silent and take stock of how what assets the enemy possesses. They are to remain WEAPONS COLD during this phase of the Operation. Your Recon will exfiltrate via a civilian vehicle our Ghosts have stashed nearby. Note: UAV Recon is not authorised. We do not wish to force their hand before we are ready for them.

1b. While Recon is in the field, Your Commanders will work with our Engineers to fortify a perimeter in Sofia. This will largely consist of Sandbags, H-Barriers, and small Minefields. Your job at this phase is to control your environment and dominate the landscape.

2. The enemy WILL press you. You are to defend Sofia and her Petrol Supply. Your strategy here is dependant on what you learn during Phase 1.

3. If the town has been satisfactorily secured you will be granted additional assets to then eradicate the enemy forces from grid 2019.


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