2013-11-18_000012035 sees us in a darker time. In the conflicts of our forefathers, men and governments were assumed to fight with honor. That is no longer the case. Operation Charred Iron was a quagmire. Good men should never have been sent in. Upon further review it would have made more sense to run the mission as a “Fish in a Barrel” and hit the Reds before they could have even formed a convoy. We may never take back Sofia, we certainly won’t while wearing the mark of the United Empire of America.

We have been cut loose, our failure will not be an embarrassment to the Emperor as it never happened. We do not exist, our files have been purged from the system. Altis is a warzone, and we will not be given extraction back to our families.

2013-11-18_00002There are a few good men that know what happend at Sofia. Miller (an assumed name) is one of them. He won’t specify his rank in the NATO structure, but he has access to intel we need, and assets that can help us. In exchange he needs files cleared from his desk, one mission at a time. These will be operation that NATO can’t (or won’t) touch. Missions that will go farther to stabilizing the region.

Retooling and becoming a formidable presence will take time. Miller has secured a small house to the South West of our old position. It used to belong to a fisherman, Miller purchased the site from his daughter. It’s not far from an AAF controlled Airfield that we can rent time at; it also will afford us access to the ocean.

2013-11-18_00003We have very little. Our future missions will see us having to build up a stockpile of the local currency to be able to afford fuel and ammo. Miller tells me he can get us a couple of crates of wholesale provisions and some weapons that were left in an evidence locker; leftover from a NATO case against some Guerrilla commanders.

What now? We go underground, we go back to our roots, we take stock of what little we have been afforded and we find peace in our kinship. Times are going to be tough from here out. We won’t have access to the Empire’s reSleaving units, so coming back from being geeked is going to be damn-near impossible. Merillat will have to step up his game. Each of us is going to be valuable.

AltisTravelMapOne thing is certain, we no longer have the freedom of movement we once had. We are going to have to take things slow, observe the enemy’s movements, and make due with what little we have. We can never again become complacent. Each hill we crest is another opportunity for us to be humped by the enemy. If they ever follow us back to base, we’ll have to bug-out and start all over.


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