2013-11-09_00004It bums me out that sometimes being in a Clan means breathing your own farts. This means getting high on our own fumes by setting rules, regulations, and boundaries. This is all in an attempt to form and maintain a disciplined and mature collection of adults who (after all that) can then come together and be comfortable having fun together.

How does any of this pertain our Arma 3 play? Other military simulation (mil-sim) Clans take this far out to left field by assigning ranks. We want to be a little different in that we see a gap and mean to fill it. In being a Simulation, Arma 3 doesn’t have “achievements”. We can make up for this and accomplish our own goals at the same time by having Certifications.

2013-11-15_00002Certification will begin by us Moderators writing a basic set of curriculum to run recruits through. Then, as a player expresses that they want to learn/get-better in a certain area, we can offer a supervised plan of how they can grow and improve. We can then engage in light training missions that see them accomplish a set of goals that leave both trainee and instructor confident that they can perform the given discipline in the field.

We look favorably upon those who show a real desire to become better in the disciplines they are most interested in. Keep in mind however, we don’t want to become overbearing and full of ourselves. As such, we have no intention of making these Certifications mandatory. It is our strong belief that these lessons will improve your in-game experiences (as well as well as those of your fellow players), allowing your fireteam to have confidence that you are competent in your chosen areas of expertise. While there will be more information on these regimens soon (in the form of a dedicated page on this site that breaks down each discipline) here are some areas we are considering.

  • 2013-11-08_00002Basic Training
  • Survival Training
  • Helicopter Pilot Training
  • Recon Training
  • Paratrooper Training
  • Urban Warfare
  • Artillery Training
  • Explosives Tech Training
  • Sniper Training
  • Support Training
  • UAV Training
  • Armored Warfare Training
  • Command Tactics Training

Stay tuned to this space for more information. In the meantime hook up with any of the other Players and consider working together on the things you want to see yourselves improve on. It helps to have a friend who’ll keep you honest, and be appropriately critical of the things you could be doing better.

We are all striving to be better.

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