Tonight was enlightening. We started out humbly, with little to no gear. “Miller” let on that we could do well by partnering with a local Kingpin who’s goals were aligned with our own. He seemed more like a slumlord, but had nice toys. He told us there was a dock nearby that was controlled by Opfor. We were to head there, wait, and then take a medical truck full of drugs.

arma3atlisThe logistics were a little more complicated than that. A boat would come in, and then shortly after a medical transport. I told the men we would let Opfor do the heavy lifting, load the drugs up for us and then pounce. We sent Recon ahead. I am a fan of commanding from the middle, but tonight I wanted to be oversight while letting JUAN take the reigns. He sent Recon off, I am still unsure how clear their orders were. They got into position and were humped shortly thereafter. More opinions on this later.

While recon was getting into position an Opfor Ifrit skirted too close to the town we were in. We took out the driver, repaired the vehicle and we claimed the asset for our own. With Recon down, we went to reinforce their position. The Kingpin (I don’t think I ever caught his name) gave us a rugged truck with a mounted 50cal. So we took it and the Ifrit to the AO.

2013-11-23_00002BROYER did the most work of any of us tonight. He kept us patched up. Looking back, our men need to spend less time with their hands up their asses looking every which way but where the threat could come from. Three of our men standing by a gap in a wall were taken out when the enemy came over a hill towards us. Only Broyer and I survived, that. Many bags of blood later, and we got the men to their feet again, limping.

Things then began to fall apart by people “Rambo-ing” out front. At one point someone ran for the medical truck to pull it towards us without stating their intent, they nearly got mowed down by friendly fire as a result. That Ramboing shit is a real issue, more on that later.

2013-11-23_00005In time, and many more liters of blood later, we got the medical truck and were taking it back towards the town of Therisa (grid 1012). On the way back, while exiting a forest and passing a construction site, we came upon an enemy checkpoint/ambush. Things fell apart even more at this point as we took fire from several unknown directions. Again, I did not risk BROYER as he was the only one who could get us back on our feet, and it was needed. If you see a roadblock never roll towards it. The enemy lit us up, and we lost our Technical (Truck with 50cal) and the two men in it. I was able to pull them from the wreck and have BROYER get them back up, but that was only after risking our own necks to do so.

We were able to snuff out the opposition and capture two additional civilian vehicles to use to make our own checkpoint/obstruction on the road while we pulled back into the construction ruins and deal with our wounded/dead. It was just about the time we were getting to our feet that they came back with another convoy: several quad-bikes and an HMG Ifrit. We did a decent job defending but got scattered in the construction site, and they picked us off one at a time. This saw several members dying as BROYER and I could not get to them in time.

2013-11-23_00004We have a new rule: If you are sure your Archs are clear, and you are tending to someone who has been downed for a long time, do a few rounds of CPR before trying to get them back up. Also keep in mind that being up at all is still preferable to being downed. The medic may not have time to fully heal you, but you’re still back in the fight. He’ll get you fully fixed up as he can.

The sound of our firefight drew the attention of some of our allies in the nearby town of Therisa, and they came with their own Technical. These allies of ours were mowed down by the enemy convoy, but not before getting some licks in. With several of us down and bleeding out, JOHNSON and JOSEPH were able to reinforce from the nearby forest and deal with the last bit of the aggression. In the end we stowed the Medical Truck in a nearby garage along with the Technical our fallen allies brought us. We also looted an HMG-Ifrit from the battlefield; we took our assets and limped back to our humble base: the fishing house.

2013-11-23_00008A couple hours later the Kingpin of Therisa sent a truck with a couple of his men by to check on us, I met them out at the road and had a conversation with the driver. He gave his condolences on our losses, and thanked us on behalf of his master for the job. He eyed our Opfor Armor and told us he had an offer he could make on behalf of his master. I rallied the men, and our vehicles and we headed back to the garage where we left the medical truck. They had already moved it, and inside was what we are affectionately calling “the Frog”; it’s our new command vehicle. We traded the HMG-Ifrit for the Frog, and the non HMG Ifrit for two quad-bikes and some ammo. At the same time we were given the option to take on a new mission, and so we did.

This mission would take us to the South West to the resort of Edesa. There, we had it on good authority, an Opfor convoy would roll through soon and we could use the bridge as a choke-point. Seeing a need, we traded a quad-bike for a pallet of explosives. Broyer and I rented a small commercial helicopter to keep eyes on the Frog as the rest of the men traveled in it to Edesa.

2013-11-23_00018This is where the night really went off rails. Many bugs, AI problems, and lack of discipline saw this second Op fall apart. It was supposed to be straightforward and simple. We outright failed once, had technical problems, and then tried a third time. Eventually we were able to get the AI to Convoy and come at us as intended. But by then we had been playing awhile and people were bored and edgy. We eventually shut down, fell out, and scrubbed this part all-together. It never happened. The story will pick up again next time without this being part of the canon.

The Good:

  • Tonight while we were together, we had alright radio discipline.
  • People mostly performed their duties and had a clear idea as to our intended objectives.
  • The immersion was high and this led to us all having a better time.

The Bad:

  • There was a real bout of negativity towards the end that sucked the air out of the room.
  • One individual became frustrated with his own lack of performance and rather than communicate as much (or at all) quit. We then all saw him pop up again on Steam playing a DIFFERENT game. This is unacceptable.
  • Ramboing. This will get you, and those around you killed. More on this later.

What We Learned:

  • Cover your Archs.
  • Don’t stick your head out.
  • If in you are in the clear, but in doubt as to the condition of the wounded, give CPR a couple times first.
  • You can give CPR while the medic patches them up.
  • We may need to have medics ratio of 1 to every 4 soldiers.
  • If we are failing at a thing, rather than keep running the scenario over, shift gears to something new (a game perhaps). Otherwise the players become demoralized and their negativity spreads.

A Word on The State of Play.

2013-11-23_00019I am really struggling with some people’s performance tonight. We had a pow-wow afterwards for those who chose to stick around to talk about it. The next event will not go out to the entire community, but only those we know who have the game. There are a couple that are on the bottom of the list of those we may want fighting by our sides. In any other game I wouldn’t be so critical of “performance” but I think we all agree we know this is a big-boy game, and we also each want to hold ourselves to a higher standard. The fun is IN seeing ourselves improve, in wanting to grow and succeed.

When we were new to the game we were more cautious. The orders were more deliberate. No one will forget the Op we had in the Solar Feild as the height of our game-play. There are those of us that play this game BECAUSE it is a simulation of the real-combat we were never afforded to serve in. This is not to glorify death and murder, but there is a national pride of service, and some of us missed out. As such, we are reduced to playing-at soldier inside this simulation. Keep in mind: out of the box, this is not a game. We have to MAKE the game. This is an island with little to do. My attempt at coordinating a persistent story is how we make this entertainment.

2013-11-23_00014Several of us are tired of those who would Rambo into the AO. Those of you who are most frustrated by your own deaths only have yourself to blame. Much deliberation has gone into how to deal with delivering this message. This is a slow, long, deliberate game. This is not an action game, this is a tactical military simulation. I find that new guys like LIAM and ADAM are best at following orders as they know they don’t know what they are doing. Those of you a little longer in the tooth are now in the dangerous place of making too many assumptions and getting your head shot off. If rushing in and killing folks is your style, I recommend Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Bro of Duty 7, or Brofield 9.

Play the long game. Sit tight, and don’t draw attention to yourself. Recon, realize that you are not meant to be a sniping bad-ass. Yes you can make the shot most of the time, but once you are spotted you are humped. Being so far from the rest of us, if you call attention to yourself realize you will get shot, be wounded, and bleed out. No one will come for you. Best to be our eyes, than try to be a hero. There is no scoreboard, we don’t give a shit how many head-shots you make. If you are dead, you can’t do Recon. Then you are useless to us.

2013-11-24_00002If you find you don’t care for the potentially long, methodical, nature of sitting on your butt waiting for the enemy to drop their guard or come to you. This may not be the place for you. There is a small contingent of us who KNOW that is what this game is. Small, deliberate, chess moves where we get to feel the rush of seeing the queen fall at the end. That patience pays off.

Above all, don’t ever be too far out front, and too far from the medic. Remember the time we hid in the building as the enemy Armor rolled by and no shots were fired and we all lived? Often, hiding is the best thing we can do.

2013-11-22_00013If you are willing to learn, please PM me using the usual dead-drops. If you have read my words and felt scorned, PM me using the usual dead-drops.. If you are thinking about quitting, PM me using the usual dead-drops. Above all, we are here to have fun. Communicate to me, and lets work on formulating a way to make that happen. This whole thing is dynamic. We can change the moving parts.

Though this sounds like it ended on a sour note. I only wrote all that as we didn’t get time for a proper debrief. I thank ALL of you for coming out and giving me your time, and I hope you had SOME fun (up until you didn’t anymore). We’ll do more during the week too; nothing so formal. You can find us on the usual frequencies.

Stay Frosty.

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