Mod of the State


A few folks have been asking about mods. Which ones we endorse, which ones are part of our pack. Darn near all of them are mentioned HERE. While some think we might be “mod happy”, the one thing we’re not doing is limiting ourselves. The upper management continues to try mods that catch our eye; if …Continue Reading

The Meat of a Mission


In our Last Article we touched on, what we feel, is the difference between a Mission and an Operation. While MCC has the cool “Mission Generation Wizard”, I feel it lacks the panache of taking the extra moment to come up with a quick story-seed and give your units the direction of why they are about …Continue Reading


It’s been a month since our split. Things are going strong, we have our own Teamspeak again and we are playing Arma, casually, near nightly. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a serious “Operation”, and we are wanting to change that. The last Op we did saw us on Altis, running from OpFor, …Continue Reading

A Short Lived Alliance


When I write things like this, I try and do so as unbiased as possible. I will freely admit that is difficult as feelings are still raw. I don’t have the option of waiting for the dust to settle on this issue; as our clan members need to hear this as soon as possible, so …Continue Reading


This is a post to let you know where we’re at right now, and what that means for you. This is brought on by there being some real changes that are affecting our Clan in a positive way; plans set in motion since before Christmas, thanks to Doc. Doc came to me with a proposal. I …Continue Reading

Prepare to be Starbound


It’s lazy to describe a thing by just saying it’s like another thing but different. As such it’d be easy to say that Starbound is a reskinning of Terraria, afterall some of the same folks who worked on the later are helping to make the former Great. This is all well and good, but many …Continue Reading